David Ditchfield
Last Update:
Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Near-Death Experience



I was no longer lying on the ambulance trolley, on which the paramedics team had brought me in to Addenbrooke's hospital. There was no longer any florescent strip screaming cold light into my eyes, no sound of the doctors’ urgent voices rushing around me, keeping me going, no tubes, drips nor needles.  For now I was suddenly in a different place altogether - a warm and peaceful place.


I was in what appeared to be a darkly-lit room, although it was rich with beautiful colours cast all around ; earthy colours of amber, greens, reds and yellows – almost shimmering softly and slightly muted.

I looked above and saw a small selection of gridded boxes, which were sending through a pure white light, a light so pure I could look straight into it and yet feel no discomfort to my eyes.

I noticed that the rays, which were coming from these grids, were actually illuminating my body, which now lay comfortably covered in a silvery-blue satin sheet. This felt very cooling.


Straight ahead of me there was a young man standing right by my feet. His hair was white-blond, which seemed to contrast sharply with the black top that he was wearing.

Then either side of me were two women, the one on my left I remember having very black hair with almost Asian, yet native-American features. Both were gently moving their hands over my body. It was as if I was being soothed of the violent injuries, which had just occurred to my body. Miraculously the physical wounds were no longer present.

I felt very protected and had a very strong feeling, that I was being prepared for something and I really thought : “Well this is it, I'm no longer alive!”

I had no fear whatsoever. I lay back with this overwhelming feeling of peace, yet at the same time I felt totally vibrant ; a euphoric sensation, which I had never come anywhere near to encountering before. All the trauma and pain of my torn and beaten body was no longer there, just this warm sensation. I knew, that this was something else and trusted it totally, since I felt that I was somewhere safe. This was not a dream, this was no illusion, this was actually happening!


I can remember thinking of my family and lifting my head and looking to my left, to see if I could see them waiting for me back at Addenbrooke's. Would I see them again? Yes, I would - I just knew it. I felt : “Well, I'll be waiting for them”. I felt no sadness about that.


It was at this point that I realised, that there were no walls to the sides of this seemingly small room, which I was in. But instead I could see a whole galaxy of stars, and as I raised my head more, I realised that we appeared to be almost on the edge of a plateau, looking down into another huge universe. I remember lying back, feeling totally amazed. I knew that I was being healed by the power of these hands still slowly covering my body. But ultimately there was a very powerful presence here of a higher force, overseeing the whole thing.


Behind the blond young man was a radiant swirl of energy. Again I could see this pure white in the centre, this aura of light drifting into creams and yellows, and then into orange and an outer red. Though the room felt so charged with energy all around, the intensity of this great ball of colour and light seemed to be the main core of something with great depth and power.


Then suddenly I was back here on the earth plane, back at Addenbrooke's. There, right in front of me, looking me in the eyes and still holding my hand, was Alexa. I said to her : ”There's something really important, which I need to tell you !” Shaking her head calmly she replied : “Later, later”.

When I did tell her of my experience a few days on, she said that she knew what had been happening. She told me how my eyes changed suddenly at that time. I asked her in what way, did they glaze over or something? “No”, she said, “your eyes were sparkling and happy”.